Shashank Pathak
Safety, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics

My primary and secondary education has been in missionary schools, while my high school certification was with ICSE and ISC boards. India follows a 10+2 education system like the one in United Kingdom.

I received my bachelors from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi i.e., IIT-D in Mechanical Engineering with the thesis on application of genetic algorithm for modelling of a visco-elastic system.

I have pursued Masters in Advanced Robotics, funded generously by European Commission's program of Erasmus Mundus. This was done under consortium of universities in France, Italy and Poland with a university in Japan being an external partner. A dual masters degree in Computer Science and in Advanced Robotics was awarded to me through this.

I pursued PhD in Computer Engineering in what was then Robotics, Brain and Cognitive Sciences at IIT-Genova. I have passionately followed the topic of safety in A.I. through out my PhD research. My co-advisor Prof. Armando Tacchella was instrumental in my shaping up as a researcher as well as a primary guiding force.

In order to look into more scalable systems, for my postdoctoral study, I consciously moved away from learning (and reinforcement learning) to look into planning under uncertainty. Currently, I am pursuing this in the group of Autonomous Navigation & Perception Lab, founded recently under Vadim Indelman. The group is outstanding in the volume and dynamism of the research output.

last update: Sun Mar 05 2017